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Aeronautical Materials Park

Nanshan Aviation Materials Park is planned to occupy an area of 2460mu, which integrates thick plate project, extrusion project and of which the products are mainly focused on high-end aluminum fabrication industry. After the whole project is constructed, the projects thereof will cover all aluminum alloys pertaining to the fields such as aviation, nuclear power, rail transit, cars and containers and tanks, and the typical products will include airplane skin, flange, frame, beam, engine turbine disk, undercarriage, gas turbine, auto sheet, boat deck and other similar high-end products. After the project is fully constructed, the industrial park will become the largest aviation aluminum alloy product processing base in Asia or even in the world and provide the strong material support to the domestication of the new alloy materials.

Therein, the medium plate project includes six subprojects, namely melting & casting, hot rolling, medium plate, cold rolling, finishing and hard alloy melting & casting, which are planned to be implemented in two stages with the capacity in the first stage of 200,000t and the capacity in the second stage increased to 350,000t. After the project is constructed, Nanshan Aluminum will have the ability of producing and developing the aluminum alloy plate and strip products with certain transformation.

The equipment of the extrusion project mainly includes 150MN both-way single-action heat extruder and auxiliary equipment of the automatic production line.
According to the principle of “Unified Planning and Staged Investment”, the hammer forging hydraulic machine and the die forging hydraulic machine with advanced equipment level will be purchased for the forging projects, and meanwhile the domestically-advanced heating furnace, thermal treatment furnace, surface treatment production line, ultrasonic fault detector and the similar detection equipment, the machining bed and the similar auxiliary equipment are also equipped.

Forge Company

Nanshan Forge Company, based on the advantages of Nanshan aluminum industry chain, was established in accordance with “domestic leading and international first class” standard for being a large scale high-end forge enterprise. The company has established close cooperative relations with Central South University and Shandong University, and has become one of the windows for introducing advanced foreign technology and management experience.

The company is capable to produce 2, 5, 6 and 7 series of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, high temperature alloy and high strength structural steel forgings with high technology content and high added value. The products cover aviation, shipbuilding, petrochemical engineering, rail transportation, energy, marine and other high-end equipment fields.

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