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Nanshan Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd. Donated COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Materials to the Provincial Government of Riau Archipelago

At present, COVID-19 epidemic rages in many countries in the world, and global cooperative battle against the epidemic becomes a consensus. On April 14, Zhang Guodeng and Hao Weisong, leaders of Nanshan Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd., donated a batch of epidemic prevention materials to the provincial government of Riau Archipelago on behalf of the company to help the local people to battle against the epidemic.

This year is the 70th anniversary of Sino-Indonesian relations, for long, the localization of the relationship between two countries is constantly enhanced, the cooperation field is constantly expanded and the achievements of jointly building “the Belt and Road” are fruitful. The investment and development of Nanshan Indonesia Project is one of the achievements brought about by “the Belt and Road”.

Facing the increasing severe epidemic situation in Indonesia, Nanshan Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd. pushed the project construction with full strength to promote the local economic and social development on the basis of carrying out epidemic prevention and control. Meanwhile, Nanshan Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd. adhered to the idea of a community with a shared future to provide the local government with the support within its power, and actively raise and donate the epidemic prevention materials and help the local government to battle against COVID-19 epidemic.

Isdianto, acting governor of Riau Archipelago, expressed that this was a batch of donated materials with the largest quantity received by Rian Islands at present and he thanked Nanshan Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd. for its active contribution to epidemic prevention in Indonesia.

“Bosom friends make distance disappear.” At present, the number of the infected patients reported in Indonesia increases day by day, however, the materials for epidemic prevention are indeed lacked. The materials for epidemic prevention donated by Nanshan Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd. will help the local government to lead the residents to battle against the epidemic.

Bintan Alumina Indonesia Project is an investment project set up in Indonesia by Nanshan Group in response to “the Belt and Road” Initiative, which makes prominent contribution to driving the economic development of Indonesia, cultivating the local talents and improving the economic structure of Indonesia. Next, Bintan Alumina Indonesia Co., Ltd. will continue to fulfill the social responsibility of the enterprise with practical action, “help and support each other to tide over the crisis” with the Indonesian people and strive to win this epidemic prevention and control blocking action earlier.