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Religious Culture Park

Religious History and Culture Park in Nnashan Scenic Spot is composed of Nanshan Buddhist Temple, Nanshan Buddha, Xiangshui Nunnery, Lingyuan Taoist Temple, etc., which are the relics of Jin, Tang, Song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties and have thick historical ambience. The ancient architectural complex is constructed harmoniously with the surrounding mountains, forests and waters, and these ancient buildings are simple and elegant, with tortuous and great appurtenance and tremendous momentum. Moreover, Nanshan Buddha in this scenic spot is a precious tin bronze Sitting Buddha of Sakyamuni in the world, with the height of 38.66m and the weight of 380t, which is called the largest bronze sitting Buddha in the world.

Merit and Virtue Hall, Buddha Hall and Buddhist History Museum are constructed under the lotus pedestal of the Giant Buddha, wherein 9999 vivid golden bronze Buddhas are displayed in Buddha Hall, thus forming the ten thousand Buddhas array together with the Giant Sitting Buddha, and the historical records pertaining to the originality and prosperity of Buddhist culture, and dozens of cultural relics such as the Buddhist Relics of Sakyamuni and museum pieces of Buddhist culture are displayed in Buddhist History Museum.